Eliminate bias and focus on the information that drives your business


What is your listening strategy?


Discover the needs of employees in just 12 minutes

Through the Reworc Digital Interview, numerous organizations have tapped into the power of a robust listening strategy. This approach equips them with critical data to ensure business health, striking a harmonious balance between the time employees invest and the invaluable insights obtained

The power of our Digital Interview


Scale conversations

Save time and headaches by starting with a comprehensive, crowd-sourced assessment of your organization, offering insights to confidently show you the way forward. Eliminate bias and focus on what matters most.

A powerful new way of listening to fuel SMART business decisions

Going far beyond the confines of mere focus groups. While they have their merits, they sometimes fall short in capturing diverse voices. We advocate for a more inclusive approach, ensuring every voice, not just the loudest, shapes the future.


Predictive profiling

Building solutions based on today will be out of date tomorrow. Create scenarios, weigh opportunities, and invest with confidence using our predictive powers.


Anticipating needs:
Go beyond the present. Capture team nuances and interactions to foresee and adapt to organizational shifts, staying always ahead.


Trendspotting & future mapping:
Annual analyses spotlight the present and highlight emerging trends, crafting a roadmap for sustained growth and adaptability.


Discovering hidden layers:
Dive deep with Reworc’s technology, uncovering unseen dynamics. From data-driven profiles to robust community identification, drive decisions with clarity.

Psychological safety


Ensuring trust and compliance

We recognize that genuine feedback thrives in an environment of trust and assurance. Our platform is meticulously designed with psychological safety in mind. Every Digital Interview we conduct ensures participants' anonymity, allowing individuals to express themselves honestly and without fear of repercussions. 

GDPR Compliance and ISO 27001 Certification

Reworc strictly adheres to international laws and standards, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which safeguards the personal data and privacy of individuals, and we are proud to announce our ISO 27001 certification. This certification is a testament to our commitment to information security management, ensuring that our systems and processes meet the highest data security and privacy standards. Organizations and their employees can confidently engage, knowing that their insights are valued, protected, and used in full compliance with global privacy and security standards.


Human centric approach

Get the needed buy-in by interacting with the whole organization.


Business intelligence

Understand how to improve the effectiveness of the organzation.


Safety first

Quality input comes from people trusting you with their data.