Feature overview Reworc 2021

Publish date29 September 2021

Reworc is rapidly rolling out new features and benefits across all platforms. Both WorkNavigator and SpacePro have benefitted from major upgrades and added functionalities that further enhance the user experience. Find below a small selection of the various new features that we have released in the past few months across our platforms.

Batch download

In our WorkNavigator Dashboard it’s now possible to download batches of charts and download them into a zip-file with one single click.

Community detection

WorkNavigator can now automatically analyze all the collected network data and is able to detect teams that have strong mutual collaboration. Based on mutual collaboration WorkNavigator then groups these together to create communities within the organization within seconds.

Scenario Editor 2.0

It was always one of the most powerful ways to collect key groups of employees to underscore differences. We can model and predict future developments with it. Now that SpacePro starts off with a scenario, it was obvious that the experience to create Scenarios and groups needed to be improved. So we did that. Scenarios can be created on all attributes and are now defined much easier and simpler. You are now able to see the size of groups at a single glance. Simply save time by automatically creating a scenario group for each attribute value.

Improved Custom Insight Editor

We have carefully extended the current Custom Insights editor in the Reworc Manager. With this update you are able to fully customise the WorkNavigator Dashboard per project/population. You are for example able to change the display order, Edit all Chart Types, Edit graph colours and manage labels, categories and answers. Furthermore we have added an auto-detection for custom insights.
Better Look & Feel: with slight adjustments to the panels each individual scenario now pops out more like its own thing. Better placement of widgets and buttons means more structure and better overview.

  • Drastically improved UX with much fewer clicks. Tired of popping into and out of the Scenario popup because you are switching from naming or editing the settings and defining the groups? The new single panel interface is the perfect answer. Simply selecting the “Edit” button now brings you directly into the group definition panel, with the name field of the group just above it. Bye-bye separate “Settings” and “Group definition”. Hello “Edit”
  • The growth widget is combined with the other setting widgets to form a logical settings unit.
  • More space for your Attribute values: We used to cramp 5 attribute value selectors into a single screen. But almost nobody has attributes with more than 2 or 3 Attribute-Value sets. So we decided to ‘punish’ the people who have a lot of attributes to work with by making them scroll to the right. But we rewarded the people who have a couple of attributes to work with by giving their pick-lists way more space.
  • Interactive counts of the number of people in the scenario group.. Atop each attribute-value selector there is a running count of the number of people you select with each click.. Trying to get to groups of about 30 people? No need to guess anymore.
  • Groups from attributes: want to make a scenario where each of the locations becomes a group, so you can then combine a few of them? Or a scenario for the divisions to quickly get a working scenario to kickstart a SpacePro session? Now you can.

Folders for Space programs and Templates

Structure your work in SpacePro with custom-made folders. Organize your organisation’s templates and/or projects and file them neatly in files and folders. No more cluttered overviews.


Heat Map Copy Functionality

In SpacePro creating and filling out heatmaps can be tedious. You are now able to copy-paste a full heat-map across activities when needed.


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