Founder interview Eelco & Ilya of Reworc

Publish date21 December 2021


We want to make people intrinsically happier at work.

“Continual growth is necessary for any successful company to grow and reach its potential’’ says Eelco Voogd, Chief Happy Customers at the new Reworc. “With Reworc, we will essentially continue to do what we did with WPA: providing analysis software based on digital interviews among employees, including a dashboard to visualize the outcomes. But while the emphasis at WPA was still on optimizing the work environment and supporting consultancy services, we as Reworc will use the data from the interviews for a different purpose. We want to ensure that people become intrinsically happier at work – and that only works if you start a conversation with the employees. Reworc enables a dialogue between the organization and the employees, by giving employees a voice about what they need and how they can work more productively and happier,” says Voogd.


According to co-founder and Chief Imagineer Ilya Devèrs, WPA’s proposition in the market had become too narrow. “It is actually no longer just about workplace analysis,” says Devèrs. “Reworc is a much better indication of what we are doing more and more: rethinking work in the broadest sense of the word. With Reworc, we will put ourselves back on the map as the most humancentric software platform in the world to optimize the total workplace experience. ”## True inclusivityVoogd emphasizes that the uniqueness of the Reworc proposition is that all employees are surveyed – and not only a very limited number of employees in several focus groups as is usually the case. “Reworc stands for true inclusivity and a truly human approach,” says Voogd. “Of course, sensors can also provide you with data about human behavior but observing is quite different from talking to people. Rather, at Reworc, the motto is, if you understand people, you can design better work environments for them. Understanding comes from being clear about what the workforce is doing, why they are doing it, and what they want to achieve with it.”

Work will only become more complex and dynamic in the future.

Devèrs is convinced that work will only become more complex and dynamic in the future and that managers, designers, and consultants will, more than ever, need tools to guide this. “That is why we also gather insights in four different domains: work style, work rhythm, work experience and finally work values. The latter directly affect the corporate culture and the dominant way of working together,” says Devèrs. “It is therefore very rich content, which is often interesting for a Facility Manager as well as an HR or Operations manager. We also notice this with clients: you can respond to all kinds of developments based on our data – from health & wellbeing to security


awareness and from designing workplaces to attracting talent.”

Restoring lost expertise

Voogd also believes that Reworc’s rich data will increasingly become the foundation for culture change processes. “Our software empowers clients to be in control based on a continuous insight into the needs of the organization in FM, HR, and IT,” he says. “Outsourcing has become the norm in all three areas in recent decades, as a result of which a lot of expertise has been lost and managers have become more and more directors of outside knowledge. We want to restore insight into how the organization functions. The workplace professional of the future will be a much more data-driven and knowledgeable person, who makes better decisions and can also determine afterward whether those were the right decisions.”

Reworc stands for true inclusivity.

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