Reworc launches the workplace academy

Publish date8 September 2022

By the end of the summer of 2022, Reworc will launch its new academy on the Reworc portal. In this blog, we will go into a bit more in detail about the why, how, and what of the Academy.

Reworc is the first and most extensive suite of tools to help workplace professionals determine how to support employees better in their work. In the last decade, we have evolved from a digital interview-driven analysis platform to a full-blown application with machine learning and automated programming tools for workplace professionals. This means that there are a lot of possibilities and capabilities in our platform. Analyzing work, creating future scenarios, fitting teams together, and determining the most efficient and effective environment for them means a lot of dials to gauge.


Workplace consulting is, first and foremost, a people strategy subject. It involves the diverse population of an organization or a team. It focuses on how they have shaped their work processes, how value is created and flows through the organization, and how this is best supported. That all wrapped in a bubble of their culture. The importance of cultures is one of the behaviors often underestimated in workplace consulting.
In the last 14 years, we achieved to find, formatted, and visualized the most critical behaviors that form ‘work.’ On top of that, we have created a way to process this reasonably complex data into input for intelligent algorithms that can program space for teams that best fit their needs. But this way of working with data and automation is relatively new for many workplace consultants working with our software platform.

The reason for launching our Academy is to speed up the learning of data-driven workplace consulting for our customers.

We have hired educational experts to understand how people want to learn and how to subdivide and offer all the knowledge we have about gathering, analyzing, and processing work insights into intelligent outcomes.


We subdivided our content into four more extensive courses with many specific tutorials.
First, we help you discover the benefits of using a platform to streamline and improve your workplace strategy. For the second part, we discuss the importance of a listening strategy and how to shape one that is safe and sound for your employees. How and what you ask for input matters significantly to ensure you can rely on the data. We explain how to get this right, functionally but also embedding it in the organization. Third, we explain the data models that unravel work. We show how to analyze the different behaviors and how trade-offs between choices are essential to a workplace strategy. In the fourth part, we offer you probably the newest thing in workplace strategy: Digitalizing and automating the process of applying workplace rules to the needs of teams to create space programs.


The Reworc academy is an integral part of the Reworc platform. When logging into the portal, you can access the academy directly, where you can follow the different courses and tutorials. It shows you what you have already watched and what is next in line to watch. This makes it possible to learn more about data-driven workplace strategy and the software supporting it whenever you want. All our content is viewable on your phone or full screen and subtitled. So make sure you go to the new Academy on our portal soon!

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