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212Employees involved
Company NameBrink
IndustryConstruction & Real-Estate
CountryThe Netherlands


The densifying, high-tech city of the future and the built environment as a circular ecosystem. Issues that lead to a completely different design of the process in the built environment. New relationships and players, the right connections, responsibility vs. property, agile to face uncertainty. That requires really different products and services. Brink’s focus is on 'New Business': supporting all those involved in the design, organization, and implementation of those processes and decision-making. Brink’s data scientists and software experts complement their content experts perfectly and they jointly devise which data is needed to answer the questions of tomorrow and how that data should be analyzed and presented. Reworc is the chosen partner for gathering work information from employees and enabling experts to flexibly and easily create programs of requirements when it comes to spaces and work environments.

The Story of Brink

Brink is positioned as the beating heart of construction, infrastructure, real estate and housing consultancy. From this position they focus on an integral approach as management- software- and advisorycompany. With a footprint in all aspects in the built environment Brink tends to be ahead of the trends of tomorrow. Innovation is seen as essential and strategic tooling is undispensable. This is the main reason why Brink has an inhouse Software company, called IBIS software, and of course use the Reworc platform specifically when it comes to gathering work information from employees of clients.

The Challenge

The opportunity of working with óne platform for all work information

In a professional environment where excel is still the main reporting tool, it is exciting to search for possible innovation to replace the old system.

When it comes to housing consultancy there were not a lot of options other than satisfaction survey’s, data sensors, and home made surveys in surveymonkey. Reworc provides a platform that is specifically created for the Real estate and concernhousing market an thus has easy to use features that are either error-prone or even impossible to create in standard excel sheets or other software.

Why Reworc

The number one reason Brink uses Reworc, is because of the time saved during the whole process.

Using Reworc for data collection, visualization and creating spaceprograms of requirements gives consultants more time to spend on the creative part of the job.

Besides being able to go from start to spaceprogram in about 3 weeks work it gives a very specific edge when it comes to reporting to customers. Reworc is always crowd sourced, and the dashboards give clear and actionable insights. Therefore , by using Reworc, you automatically create a support base within the company, making it easier and more succesfull to implement changes.

How Reworc responded

As a software company we always try to tailor our software to the needs of experts of the built environment. New features in our software are always based on customer feedback. Already having a reputation of using modern software technology to better their consulting we were naturally excited to talk and see where we could fit in this philosophy.

By yearly training and updating Brink consultants, Reworc ensures efficient use of the platform. Together we created multiple (digitalized) workplaceconcepts, for different sectors, and have frequent joint sessions to test and evolve existing templates and concepts.

My advice to real estate and facility managers is to not only focus on the assets in the built environment but really involve the people
Manouk de Weert — Brink

The Results

Brink’s data driven approach suits the Reworc platform in a perfect manner. By using the same logic in data gathering for multiple years, Brink has the ability to show work information to customers with multiple analysys. These customers have a visualized way of comparing things like work rhythm, culture or satisfaction levels over time and it gives Brink the striking power it needs to stay with customers over a longer period of time because they provide continuous value.

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